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* Still Moist At His Smile
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* Still Moist At His Smile

Poem By Dee Wright

I can feel
his gaze

like a butterfly

upon my knee
and then

like a lazer
rise higher
and higher

gliding gently
along the inside of

my left thigh

creeping under
(just before pausing)
the rim of my skirt

I, involuntary
opening my legs

flashing a bit of
panties unsubconsciously

as that stare
penetrates me.

'Oh! Look all you like! '
are my nipples advice

as they do a good
impersonation of 9 inch nails.

Oh how I'd like
to translate that stare

into touch

oh that pretty blonde

man has taken his hand and
ruffled his hair!

They kiss and kiss
under the ever revolving
glitter ball.

'Ah, well
I didn't really
like him anyway! '

I lie to myself
as I stilletto to the loo

still moist
at his smile.

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