WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Still Not Broken

Still Not Broken

Written by: Wilfred Millers, Tuesday, April 27,2010, @ 7: 55 PM

In a window, a candle burned

A constant reminder of lessons learned

It burns for the mistakes we have made

Of change we were so afraid

Where did we go wrong?

Why is our thoroughfare so long?

When will we see bluer skies?

Worthless the tender our money buys

Invites once out I was handing

Forsaken at the altar Left naked standing

Surfaces warn now needs sanding

My ship on happier shores once was landing

Is this the dealing of fate?

Did we arrive excessively late?

Has the war turned into a stalemate?

Is Saint Peter still manning the pearly gate?

Sometimes things are so elusive

Decisions sometimes are inconclusive

People filled with so many excuses

Seldom kept are any truces

Around life always goes for a spin

Many times you have to take two on the chin

Good fortunes sometimes never let you in

To kill a Mockingbird remains an awful sin

Now we must conjure up a novel plan

Put a new label on an old brand

No truer words have ever been spoken

Battered, bruised, but still not broken

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