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Still Of The Night

Moonlight falls over
the mountains
Coolness spreads
throughout the air
Silky clouds sail
gently across the sky
Moon River flows
into the dark night

Houses and streets
Gardens and fields
Mountains and lakes
Bathe in Moon water

Droplets of dew
drizzle from the sky
Like tiny crystals
sprinkle from above
A touch of freshness
embraces the world
Miracally enlivening
mudane lives on earth

Stars brightly twinkle
all over the sky
Like hundreds of flowers
blooming to spy
Continuously twinkle
throughout the night
Beautifully illuminating
the midnight sky

Streets stand empty
from dusk till dawn
Lamp posts glow
all night long
House lights gleam
scattered dim flickers
Spreading a kind of hush
in the still of the night...

Copyright(c) Hemakumar Nanayakkara

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Hemakumar - You must be a peace with the world to see such beauty. Let this vision of this transformation of darkness go from your lips to God's ear, then to men's hearts. Blessings - Cheryl
You have painted such a serene picture, you have taken the reader into the depths of your poem. well done regards Bob
Beautiful, it sounds so peaceful
so refreshing to find beauty in the few see so clearly...beautiful work
lovely way to write my dear friend, so fresh, so happy, so younger soul! thanks for sharing! and keep writing I love to read you!
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