Still Quick With Wishes

I do not desire to be an apparition,
Of a faded youth.
I do want to feel healthy...
And continue that as my pursuit.
Feeling a bit of a hypocrite...
As I smoke cigarettes.
Exercise and watch my diet.

I know it makes no sense...
To display a physical and mental confidence.
And be addicted to nicotine.
A habit seen and not hidden to be kept secret.

And in my youth,
The cherry blossoms weren't the only things,
To pop up fresh and out in Spring.
And reminscing it...
Has not done one thing to my addiction to cigarettes.
Or my interests in watching the bees,
Land to deflower and pollenate!
Without a hint of a follow up puff.
And I am still quick with wishes to do it!
Now with less vigor.
But with a lot of bluff!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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