AI (28/01/1994 / Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria.)

Still Rising (For Maya)

You may trod me in history
With your pretty petty lies,
But just like dust trampled to the ground,
I'll rise

How long will ours be a once sided dialogue
in this conversations of self liberation
How long will our best stories be nothing more
than antidepressants against the addictions of oppression.?

How long shall we withstand the
melancholic harmonies of the caged bird?
How long will we wait?
When will we take the tackle to the winds and fly?

How long shall we depend upon others to refine our stories
We know that the revolution will not be televised,
So take your screen-touchs and touch screens
On your iPhones. iPads iMacs
And share, tweet, insta-face- this.

Let us take our white washed sepulchre of a mind
To the resurrection of repentance
ForThe future is traumatized
Posterity is terrified
The black man is desensitized

How long shall we wait?
Martin's dream is now nothing more than
A political propaganda publicized.

Yeah! We know that change's gonna come someday,
But boy! we need that day to be today!
So get up, dare your fear and face you dreams
Only you can get your apple from Steve's tree

But, if you forget everything else
Please remember this,
Roses are red
And the sky is blue
Greatness may be rare
But it's meant for you!

by Adetimilehin Inioluwa

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