Still Searching

Some times you don’t know
Where you are going
But a road takes you their
Searching all alone along the street
Looking for a place to rest
From corner to corner
And from street to street
Being disturbed and worry
Still searching all alone
Your heart travel far away
Searching for the place
Where your angel is
Desiring to be their
Leaving no exceptional
Still searching all alone
Hoping to find her.

by ogunleye kayode peter

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Comments (8)

Love your poem nice words please entertain me some more with your work. Feel free to comment on my poems thanks!
I hope you search for her and find your love where ever she is you will find her. Great poem.
this was an amazing poem. You are a true poet and thats something that comes from my heart
A poem that is narrative and has a lessons we all can learn from. Great poem!
u are an exceptional writer.! .. i love this poem..
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