It’s good when everything is bad
You don’t have to get me to dig what I am saying
Yeah it’s cool to be hot, are you confused?
That’s swagg in the pushing

by Sir Tshiamo Modise

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Poet, I so agree with this poem. What a doctor tells you one day, the story seems to change the next. Spectacular Poetry.......
Hi Ivor Yes this non smoking campaign has gone too far, it makes it seem that anyone within 50 paces of a smoker could be at fatal risk. I used to smoke and gave up after an operation but we should all be free to choose. Everyone dies from something and many more from being overweight than from smoking, why pick on smokers so much what about food, alchohol, chewing gum............. Good poem Ivor, thanks from David
I think it was Oliver Reid who said 'Don't drink, don't smoke, don't eat vegetables - die anyway.' Loved this Ivor (as an ex-smoker who hasn't got round to the not actually smoking part yet!) Hugs Anna xxx