Imagine Light
So white, so intensely bright
When you look away
You see spots
Like stars exploding

This light’s not only in Space-Time’s cosmic fabric;
It is temporarily encapsulated
In this four dimensional Body
Whose fingers nimbly weave
Or are hopelessly entangled
Whose minds eye can clearly see
Or is cocooned in dreams, deception
This mind that can conceive of Eden
Then plot its very annihilation

This corporeal Light caught in your
Parents’ eyes and put in a jar of clay
Shall also be broken some day
When that light escapes to shine again
In Night’s sky or dance upon a sparkling bay
To glance upon the apple’s red or glow a cherry blossom
Shall we honour that one day
It shone from your eyes to another
That it shone from sister to brother
That it was Life, a wife, a father?
Shall we see that it still does shine
In a child’s laughter, or a storm of temper?

Perhaps ‘tis better yet if we recall
As we metamorphosize from one form to another
That, yes, our light did shine
Our love was received by at least
One another.

by Thomas Hadley

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