MN (11-08-1970 / )

Stinging Words

How often have we felt it,
when hurtful things are said?
When someone says such painful things
you wish that you were dead.

Many times we just don't realize
the pain we tend to cause
when we say things to instigate
the laughing and applause.

The sting of words is painful.
The scars will linger long.
We carry hurt around with us
even when we know it's wrong.

So, choose your wording wisely.
It hurts more than you know.
Sometimes the ones you hurt the worst
are the ones you never know.

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Comments (6)

Wonderful 'words' of wisdom, Mary. Brian
You spread such great and kind words Mary.But I agree, I know from own experience how easy it is to offend.Once the words have left our lips we can not real them back in.Great write Love Duncan
A very warm poem, and close to the heart, the words were perfection 10. cheers sllvia
A wonderfully thought out poem.
Pretty good, Mary. But I wonder if you feel that sometimes people need thicker skin.
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