(25th March 1943 / )

Stirring The Silence

A hammock strung between two trees,
Is swinging gently, to and fro,
Here one can idly rest at ease,
In this wild flower strewn meadow.

The clear fresh air goes wafting by,
bees and butterflies claim their space.
Such nectar here for all to try,
In nature’s unspoken embrace.

With luscious grass beneath the feet,
And sunbeams playing all around,
The insect noises all compete,
Stirring the silence, so profound.

With sultry days, no need to rush,
Long gone, the bustle and the strain.
Here with its solitude and hush,
One finds true sanity again.

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Comments (4)

Beyond a lovely and beautiful write and a pure delight to read....it makes one smile and remember how blessed we are with the gift of summer..the sereinity it brings.~~~~~mm. :) ~~~~~~~~
Serene, uplifting, calming and atmospheric - your trademarks. t x
You evoke the summertime effortlessly and lyrically in this warm and sunny piece that plays with words like a conjurer. Beautiful poem about a beautiful season. love, Allie xxxx
this is a very beautiful poem, i love the picture that you paint with your words..thanks for sharing