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Just to catch one glimpse of you
Just to catch your bright smile
Just to remember the curves of your face

I can felt it then
I can feel it now
I hope to feel it forever
It's the same love I've had
Day after day
Night after Night
Where every dream meets
At the same inflection point
And as each day passes
I have my period of reflection
I can feel your heart
Like it's the drum my soul marches to
And keeps me in tune

If I could just catch
Just one glimpse of you
I'd plow gods fields
For the rest of the eternity
Just on the vision of you
When I remember your face
I know then what I love
I know then what I care for
If I could feel you now
I would tell you exactly how much
I love you

Just as black ink doesn't fade,
My love for you will never
If there was a word to describe
How I feel about you,
I'd search a thousand languages,
A thousand stories, and a thousand
Dictionaries, only to realize
That I just know and words can't explain it.

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A wonderful feel to this narration, Mary. Lacking a call for pitious response I feel that the piece is warm in a sort of innocent humanity. There is a feeling that sharing is not always something one wants to do. More so, there is also a very sexual side to this which I think is valid and a sort of unbiased approach to a loss of innocence. Wonderfully structure, and well paced.