MO (6 July 1989 / Upper Hayford, England)

Stolen Innocence

Taken away is innocence,
never to return.
Loving heart still intact,
but shame and horror set in.
Should have stopped him,
unable was I.
Pain, intense as Hellfire,
forces a shudder through my body.
Moisture gathers on my face,
shivering though I'm inflamed.
Like a fetus in the womb,
feeling completely alone.
I think of why this could
or would happen. Life
takes sharp turns too fast
and crashes sometimes.
He took my life, my world,
yet hate him I cannot.
Floating now away from
myself, lightly a tear falls.
Jerked awake by a srien's call,
someone holds me close,
flashing lights in my eyes,
telling me 'You'll be all right.'

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Comments (2)

Brave portrayal of one of the horrors many woman meet in life. Thanks for writing something difficult for both writer and reader.
Simply awesome roller coaster ride. Mixed with a terrible feeling inside...for me anyway. (That's the Dad inside talking.) Best Regards. Craig.