Stolen Kiss

An open field,
Breeze fluttered my hair,
Golden halo surrounds me.
...Tall grass,
Surrounded by trees,
In the middle a clearing.
I run through the flowers,
My destination,
In sight.
Tall friend,
Childhood playmate,
Stolen kiss.
I fall,
Caught by strong hands,
Safely I reach the grass.
Sun bathed my skin,
Warm caresses,
Free from restraint.
Full lips,
Echoes of another time.
Young and free,
Careless innocence,
Shadows of me.
Tumbling freely,
Riding the waves,
In a sea of green.
Soft embrace,
Old friend,
New day.....

by Patti Wilburn Haney

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An excellent and well crafted write! Rich in imagery and depth, keep it up! Thanks for sharing! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...