(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' Stolen Laughter(For Junie)

My soul
disguised as a shadow

drifted back
into my past

managed unseen
to cross the border

of Life
(& Death)

enter again
that room

where the memory

(when the memory wasn’t even a memory)
but the real thing

my soul steals a crumb
of her laughter
nothing that could be

the merest sliver.

I (then)

seeing my soul
stealing my sister’s

but not recognising it
seeing only

a shadow of a shadow.

Throwing off its shadowy

my soul

smelling remotely of
a Past

the stale smell
of Death.

“Did you get it...did you get it! ”
I demand.

“Yes...yes...but don’t
ask me again! ”

“If God ever finds out...”

But I don’t hear
I am beyond

my soul’s

following the steps
of my tears

leading me to

the treasure
of her



Long for you to turn
& then...smile at me again.
But – the photo won’t
listen to me...'Listen to me! '
Deaf to everything but – Death.


Your grave buried now
beneath such snow & prayers.
Both angel & I
gazing at nothing...sky...
you so alive...in my head.


So cold...my shadow
frozen to the ground...fract...ures
as I move away
I leave it behind and grow
another to take with me.


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Comments (3)

seeing my soul stealing my sister’s laughter but not recognising it seeing only When you realized the value of a person after they are gone, that's what I feel in this. Have to give this 10 :)
poignant, touching and full of feeling and love........very nicely written.
The comfort of memory when we have lost someone dear to us is brought out so very well - you have captured the essence too of the difficulty at times of retaining those memories. Your work aways leaves the reader with much to think on Donal....10 from Fay.