Stolen Moments

Since I've met you, I have joy in my heart,
A promise of pleasure, until we're to part.

From the tone of your voice, to the touch of your hands,
You excite my whole body, with your alluring demands.

Your kisses so sweet, I just melt in your arms,
Your touch is so soft, I give into your charms.

You're gentle and patient, so confident with pride,
I'm confused so completely, I couldn't resist if I tried.

I can't talk or think right, I'm almost a fright,
You thrill me to pieces, with your look of delight.

You said you'll not hurt me, but I think it's too late,
Of stolen moments together, I love it when we mate.
Attitude Is Everything Your attitude is everything; it shows me who you are.
If you're hateful, mad, or angry, you're always ready to spar.
The attitude that's positive and pleasant is right on base,
expressing a peaceful nature with a glowing happy face.
If for some reason your feelings get ruffled or sore,
Before entering my classroom, park that attitude at the door.

by Carol A. Garcia

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