Stolen Profits

A hustle bustled to hush dissension...
Has crush those voicing,
Differences of opinion.

Folks have become perturbed,
By what to them has been done!
Clear evidence of corruption is observed.
And shatters the nerves of everyone stunned.

Warnings of these events were dismissed and ignored.
As the backs of the middle class...
Have been broken like those already historically poor.

And all of this could have been prevented,
If the few did not concede...
To uphold the needs of the filty rich and greedy

But those hypnotized by materialism...
Chose to fill their pockets,
With an increasing ease to feed gluttony...
And their guts!

Caring less who would be left with nothing...
Until a crisis touched their collective butts!
Now a quick fix to end their addictions has been submitted!
But no one wants to sacrifice and quit...
By producing restrictive limits,
That examines how this 'rut' began.
And put an end to it!

With nothing remaining that exists...
They wish to sustain standards they value!
As if an entitlement gave them rights to it!
When all of it had been stolen profits.

'Assets never existing...
Can not forever be assets declared! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Always wonderful to see your excellent work, Lawrence!