MJB (Pasig City, Phil. / October 12,1984)

Stolen Smile Part 2

In a blink of an eye,
I was gone without even saying goodbye.

If you only knew how painful it was
to leave our friendship behind.

A stolen moment from a childhood that was,
trying to steal you back again to my present life.

But do I still have a room to your heart
when I know that you're already crowded
with people to love?

It's a tragedy to see our friendship end
just before springtime began.

If only God gave me another chance
to prove my worth as a friend,
then i wouldn't feel this loneliness
that is slowly eating me away.

All I have now are tears of regret
coz I know there's no chance for me
to bring you back to my life again.

But until now, as long as I'm breathing the air of life,
I will never stop hoping that someday, somehow
I will see you standing right infront of me
with that same, old childhood smile
that was once been stolen by a fleeting time.

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