Stolen Treasures

They put them there...
And now all are wanted out.
They weren't the best selected to lead,
But they secretly deceived with much clout!

Everything they've done,
Has destroyed everyone's beliefs.
And the very ones that followed them...
Are shocked by their misdeeds.

From the very beginning,
They concealed their treason.
Exploiting the truth,
For their sick reasons.

And critics of their movements
Have been slandered and ignored!
And all the doors they have locked to peace...
Has been felt on foreign shores!

These 'creeps' have stolen treasures,
With lies now all can see!
Threatening the quality of life enjoyed...
As a ploy to defend democracy!

A way of life used...
And taken for granted.
As demons like these,
Proceed with evil to succeed!

Announcing that misery...
Is patriotic to grieve!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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