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Stone Block Boy
JP (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

Stone Block Boy

Look good - boy.
SALE - day now.
You lived the ship.
We just want your - gold.
Soon to be sold.
It's just my job.
Must make a wage.
YOU - have no wage.
Only your sweat.
You know - tobacco - rice - cotton.
Lady's must look good.
Cotton in that DRESS.
More cotton for the dresses.
$$${{ SOLD }}$$$$

from my new pub. book,
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very well penned.... unique!
He was a victim Polio shaped him forever Legs that didn't quite Work right. So he adapted Used a cane Which was like A third leg. And he walked Every day doing What he could, Suffering, bent and twisted Till he found a companion. A tiny fuzzy seed That had within, An embryo That would come forth If only given a chance. Given a place to rest In the cold ground It took, From the surrounding, Life giving moisture, And it cracked Its hard seed coat And emerged. In the light of its First day the leaves Were folded Yellowed and weak But in the sun The crooked neck Became straight. And the leaves became Green as chlorophyl Filled the cells and gave purpose and strength. Soon the plant, Some liken to a Four leaf clover, Stood tall. But what of the others Planted beside this favored one? As they drew water from the soil They also became swollen. According to the plan of the one Who placed them all together So that together they would act And permit one to emerge and stand tall. It was as expected They gave their all so That in breaking the crusted soil The favored one emerged. So it is that this one Once, crooked and bent Would stand tall And be there for the future. Henry Cannon loved Cotton, as he saw In this plant, Once weak and twisted, The purpose in life. So when you wear cotton Do so proudly Remember Henry Cannon And his victory. s