The Way You Are!

The way our fingers interlock,
The way I lean to your side,
The way we read each other’s mind,
The way our fates collide,
Now I know love is kind!
The way you lift me up,
The way you dry my tears,
The way you build my dreams,
Now I know love conquers all fears!
The way I look at you,
The way you see me through,
Is the way I love myself,
And it’s the way you taught me to,
Now I know love is selfless!
The way love makes you humble,
To take a hand when all crumbles,
To have all when all is gone,
To let go and freely fall,
Now I know how love entails faith and hope!
With all things said to be true,
One thing that I ask of you,
Is to be my life’s valentine,
For with you FOREVER is mine!

Sunday, February 13,2011
9: 57pm

by meski dessie

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