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Out Of Time

Haven't called me in a while.
Have forgotten you of me?
Have you lost the feel of time
When we slipped into a spree?

Time, money. Busy, tired.
We all are like ants in spring.
Dial my number. Reach through wire.
Let the past and present cling.

Call me, text me, send an e-mail.
Find the way to get in touch.
I have news for you, my dear.
I am gone. Please miss me much.

As you hear someone tell you,
That I left, I passed, I died,
See me smile. See me kiss you.
Feel my life and wake collide.

Cry for me, and don't regret it.
Mourn for me, and nothing else.
Sorrow, pain, and empty soul
I'll erase with angel's bells.

Miss my presence, my existence.
Recollect the warmth of me.
Call me, text me, send an e-mail.
I am on my way to lee.

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Comments (4)

I loved this........such a feel of emptiness. Great job. Sincerely, Mary
The tone of this poem is as cold as the heart you wish to thaw.
This one is a very beautiful write Mary Ann, a delight to read. Thanks. Love Ernestine XXX
can really relate to this one esp this time =(