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Stone Observer

I sit above the entrance, weathered weary and worn
I've been doomed to remain here forever since this church was born
Stone observer, I watch as people come and go
And I love these people so but they never seem to know

I stare in reverence at the world beneath me
And too many times a widow I do see
Softly singing sorrow's song so sweetly
I just wish I could end their pain completely
I've seen armies of mourners march through these doors for a hundred years
But the rain falls on my eyes every time and fills them with tears
I'm a statue, made of stone and I cannot speak
But they can see my heart bleed for them by the sliding rain on my cheek

One day, a sapphire of my misery fell on a mourner's head
The child with rose eyes then looked up at me and said:
'You're the only one who seems to care about my hurt inside
But you're just a frozen statue, in which I could never confide
You've never lost a loved one so my heart you'd never understand'
Yes, but if I could move I'd carry you through this and hold your hand

Whenever people look at me they see a statue so old
And just because my heart's made of stone they assume it's harsh and cold
I wish they'd let me listen to their joys and problems so many
But since I could have never been through it myself, my support's not worth a penny!

Child, I can still understand your pain though it I never did know
You won't let me help save you in your time of grief and woe!

Here I roost, helpless cracked and lonely
Your trust with me you'll never share, it's for fellow sufferers only
I'll never be part of your fears or grief
I'm just a stone observer

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Beautifully described. Did I detect a reference to your lack of experience due to your lack of years? I can't believe you can write like this at seventeen! Esra Sloblock
laura darling, your observations are so humane, so perfect poetically! how about writing and writing and writing and ofcourse, reading a lot(including some contemporary poetry) affly Viren Dangwal