incapable of seeing
the reality of my being
my mind clouded by the smoke
I can't feel my feet
but I take another toke
As I start to feel the heat
a sudden realization
that this isn't just a dream sensation
falling in and out of that dream-like state
i need to escape
to avoid my fate
I love the way it makes me feel
to understand that nothing is real

by Dyna Misery

Comments (4)

wow... i have no words.. just incredible
Great poem...great rhyming...I can really relate to this piece. Jay
Well, as long as your writing doesn't go to pot! p.s. You might enjoy 'The Smoke Off' by Shel Silverstein (yep, the childrens book author) . I just heard it on a Dr. Demento CD from the library. Funny stuff. - chuck
Whatever it takes to float your boat Dyna, as long as it makes you write great lines like, 'understanding that nothing is real' cus it ain't. Stoned is better in this day and age, in older days, it made you go ouch and then die! lol Smiling at you, Tai