DN (2.7.1992 / Malaysia)

Stop Child Marriages

The practice of child marriage is truly an atrocious thing,
It is a practice that destroys lives, only disasters it will bring,
How could parents expect under-aged children to be ready for this,
When they are at the age for school and enjoying childhood bliss,

They are not yet mentally prepared to face marriage life,
How can you expect an under-aged child to be a husband or wife,
Forcing under-aged children into a commitment like marriage,
Causes under-aged mothers to have higher rates of miscarriage,

Girls under the age of 20 are not prepared for motherhood,
Their bodies will not fully develop until they reach adulthood,
Pregnancy under 20 often leads to many fatal complications,
That robs lives of young mothers from many developing nations,

70,000 maternal deaths related to early pregnancy occur each year,
An estimated number of the young maternal lives that disappear,
Health problems like eclampsia, and obstructed labour often occurs,
Premature and prolonged labour can also kill the baby of hers,

Legalizing child rape and paedophilia through marriage is idiotic,
Such twisted ideas only belong to minds of the psychotic,
It is the 21st century we should embrace our logic and morality,
Use common sense and our sense of reason to prevent such brutality,

Lets stop living in the age of darkness and turn on the lights,
The practice of child marriages is a violation of human rights,
Let us fight this practice together for the sake of humanity,
Lets save young children from this twisted practice of insanity!

by Daya Nandan

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Well put, and rhymes well too. I had no idea this practice was going on. Thanks for sharing.