Stop Choking Our Love

Stop mistrusting if love genuine
Beats in your heart for the welfare
I need to enable you to mine
My love for we form a romantic pair with fantastic flair.

Stop inflicting pain and anguish
On me, choking my comfort
Destabilising the balance of the love dish
I convey in my heart to your port.

Stop sneaking into my phone book
To scrutinize missed calls and received messages
You perceive to crook and hook
The love grown to advanced stages.

Stop choking the time and space
I need to nourish the affection
Written in every pore on the face
Longing to give you maximum attention.

Stop the gangrene of jealousy
That sets back our relationship
Any time you jettison the mercy
That nurtures our friendship.

Stop patronizing me
When in full view of your friends
You ignore my plea
To embrace amiable relationship trends.

Stop the sorrow
You cat into our lives
When you slay tomorrow
While your impertinence thrives.

Stop the misery
You insert into your demeanour
When you heap on me worry minus dowry
To push our future into a stupor.

by John Sensele

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