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Stop, Drop, And Roll
FW ( / Albany, Ny)

Stop, Drop, And Roll

I got a pocket full of sincerity
and a fist full of honesty
that says the truth is hard to handle
So let's set ourselves up for breaking up
and for fights where we were to busy to admit our mistakes

Stop, drop, don't even think about rolling,
rolling right on away
We have so much time left
before we forget eachother's names

And I've got this watch on my wrist
that tells me it's about time for making up
But there's so many scenes I keep playing over
that need to be rewinded and taped over
It's for our own good

Let's take these days and treasure them
for what it's worth, they mean the world
and I can't stand the way things are going
The path is so wrong and cold and dusty
It makes us feel more alone.

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