Stop Laughing

The reason why,
They have rejected your assistance.
And have ignored your suggestions...
Recommendations and proposals written,
Is a belief you are seeking something from them.

'Like what?
Or 'Worldwide' attention?
What is it?
There are people living far more advanced,
Who have no idea this place is on the map.'

Let's just say this,
People approaching them with common sense...
And speak as if they 'might' be intelligent,
Have not been embraced with open arms.
Maybe 'if' they didn't 'think' they knew you,
Both you and they would benefit from this.

'I'll say this again...
'What do they believe I want from 'them'?
Fame? '

Maybe it's fortune?

'Stop laughing.
I'm suppose to do that.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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