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Stop, Listen And Breathe

Even in the middle of a crazy day,
even when you're mind seems to be running away,

even when life seems to be falling apart,
even when something is breaking your heart,

oh friend
know there is a safe place,
a place you can come home to,
a warm place where are you held,
a place where all is well,

and it only takes a moment-
and breathe.

by Norah Tunney

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There is always an oasis of peace if you look for it. This is the fourth poem of yours that I've read today and it has been a magical journey. I shall return to your oasis tomorrow. Tom Billsborough
Before we can allow ourselves to breathe deep we must know and desire this truth. Self realization and the resulting freedom and pleasures. What you describe is the opposite path of those that find escape from life in drugs or alcohol or self-destruction. Yours is an affirmation of life. Simple yet so profound and liberating!
nice poem..give time to a friend and enjoy
Very very true. We can achieve peace inside ourselves even when things seem dismal if only we take the time to do so