Stop Pretending There Is No Pretentiousness

Let's pretend,
We all have an interest...
In the well being of others.
With druthers to express our concerns.
Let us assume those 'others' who have been exposed,
To the best of our interests to them shown...
Feel the effectiveness of this,
To share with it heartfelt a giving of themselves...
As Christians should do to permit it and admit.
Can it be explained with all of this pretentiousness,
Allowed to exist with it going on...
Why are the people complaining of increased conflicts,
Confusion and division.
If 'faithfully' they are devoted and affiliated to their religions?

Perhaps if we all stop pretending there is no pretentiousness,
Maybe the reality of its existence...
Would be more accepted to not offend.
And the pretending there is no pretentiousness,
For all of us would then come to an end.'

And 'suppose' the happening of that wont happen?

'Let's hope not.
I can be philosophical about this and with you to do,
I have been religiously pretentious most of my life.
I know of no other life to live to exist to just be honest.'

Frightening is the thought.
Isn't it?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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