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Stop! Rewind That Back
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Stop! Rewind That Back

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

As difficult as it is,
For some decisions to be made...
The doing of it is much easier,
Than the creating to make up new excuses.
Some have perfected an expertise,
That combines excuses, alibis, lies...
And disguised deceptions,
Without batting an eyelash.
To then perform with an innocence,
Even children stop in the midst of their betrayals...
To take notes and test the effects they get.

Rewind that back.
Did you hear that?
What they are saying is clearly a lie.
Yet the people are applauding,
With tears in their eyes.
Go back to that again.
I've got to use that in my next confession.
Who knew life to live,
Could be made this easy? '

~Yeah, but...
What about the ramifications? ~

'The ram-a-for-who?

~You know...
Paying the consequences.
The 'off-shoot'.
That act or process of branching,
From circumstances that can be avoided.~

'Geeessshh. Comeon. Snap out of it.
Save that impression to make for the classroom.
We've been accused of being 'smart'.
Not intelligent.
We're children. Children. That's all.
There is a difference.
And we must use it to our benefit.'

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