'Stop Staring At Them, Harry...'

I hope I do not embarrass?
I'm feeling like a child,
With a new toy I cherish.
I'm wishing to let everyone know...
I share it with you,
No one else will do.

I hope I do not embarrass?
I feel as if,
We are experiencing Paris.
That romantic place,
Where hearts embrace.
And love is not hidden.
Those who are smitten...
Have it written on their faces.

I hope I do not embarrass.
And I know we're not in Paris.
But this is something felt,
I feel must be shown.
I hope I do not embarrass...
Pushing you around in this grocery carriage.
And watching the customers' eyes open wide...
As you and I act like children,
On a carnival ride.

'Stop staring at them, Harry.
They're on crack! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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