Stop That Play! !

I listened to you in an attentive way
But I'm sorry your reasons are unacceptable
I don’t want to hear what you're going to say
For me, this thing is being forgettable

Even if you cry, scream and shout
Even if your tears run down your cheeks
Your dreams should be hidden behind the clouds
Life is not so bright in front of you…as it seems

Don’t you ever think to return
Back to me, I'm sorry….I OBJECT
That's why GOD created us…in order to learn
From our faults… and always regret

Don’t look at my face…or my eyes
I'm so strong…not weak as you believe
I can control myself and hide beyond the skies
For me, it's much better than making my life full of grief

We used to be one united soul
We promised to spend the way together
But you perfectly played that role!
And I, foolishly, lived the dream forever

But now, I woke up, my dear
And I realized..what a perfect actor you are? ?
And now..stop that tear..I don’t want you here..
I've never wished to say this except now 'stay so far'

I thought I was living in a Shakespeare tale
Now, you are the worst of that world
All your tries should stop and all your attempts should fail
Shut up….don't try to say a single word

I heard what's enough! Stop saying it again
You didn’t only make me hate you..
But also loathe hearing your name!
Stay apart from me…That's all what I want you to do…

by Nourhan Aly

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