Stop The Abuse

Behind locked doors...
Concrete walls and cement floors...
They created my cell.
I call it jail.

Only because they fail to see
What they have made of me.
This heinous environment I face,
Is an unforgivable disgrace.

Stop the Abuse!
There is No Excuse!

In this foreign school
They treat me cruel.
Five boys kicked me until I fell.
'You are a retard.' They would yell.

But still, with pride,
An ice bag I denied.
For I am already numb.
This unforgivable wound, I've succumbed.

Stop the Abuse!
There is No Excuse!

This parade of life needs a rest.
So, I'll close my eyes and do my best.
Perhaps they will surely see
All I want is a loving family.

Maybe, they'll hear my cries.
Mabye, there will be no more lies.
Maybe, my Mommy will love me
And my Daddy will set me free.

There is No Excuse
For this abuse.

I'm only eight years old. Can't you see?

by NeVada Baker

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