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Stop The Pain
SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

Stop The Pain

The smell of it just made me cringe
knowing it once again got the best of you
you felt alone out on your binge
but alone was the last thing you were; in my view
An illness has eaten you up inside
and taken your reasons for living away
admit you need help stop taking this ride
and get the help you need starting today
stop the lies they cause pain
stop being dishonest to us and yourself
stop saying things only in vain
start caring now about your health
im afraid for you not only us
im afraid of you not being here another day
dont leave me stranded all alone
you're not meant to leave, not now anyway
your life is beautiful just open ur eyes
stop falling deeper into a hole
take the 1st step and stop the lies
they're unnecessary and no good for the soul

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