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Stop The Torture!
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Stop The Torture!

Poem By Paul C. Sandison

Young life, young life, ripped sadistically from the womb
torn to pieces in agony, butchered by the knife
before in pieces being exposed
to chemicals, poisons, gas, fire and acid.
It ell you: at this very moment
the soul of the tiny child still lives
and no preposterous statement
by the living can alter this.

and the animals, the furry and the feathered,
the scaled and unscaled living creatures
that I have scattered
throughout the corner so the earth,
ye now massacre and torture,
rip and slice while still alive
and inflict those indescribable pains
no being should ever suffer.

Damn ye, man and women of this earth.
I made the earth a jewel in the night;
and ye have turned it
into the sewers and torture chambers of hell.

(As revealed to Paul C Sandison 1995)

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