Stop The Tragedies.

Rising from the ashes
like a victim of the KKK

From natural disasters and plane crashes
these things happen everyday

Living through the tragedies on the earth
like a teenage girl with no friends

From an increase in dearth
to an increase in wanting life to end

Training men to be so called peacemakers
and sending them off to war

From nonviable men spread over acre
to none left to adore

Stopping bad things from happening all together
like myspace stopping for a day

From no more disastorous weather
and no more thinking everything isnt okay

No one shedding anymore tears
like they dried up from the heat of global warming

From no one having fears
and no thought of global storming

When will it all end
when will we not cry

When will the world mend
when will we start to try

We need to speak out
we need to work as a whole

Just stand up and speak any amount
we all play an important role

Every little bit will count
ecspecially if its from your soul.

by nina ...

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very beautiful creation, the life on the earth we are facing.