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Stop This Hate!

Stop this hate. Stop this killing. Stop this
talking. Stop this watching. Stop this dislike
of color of humanity. Like you and me can do
something about it. Let's do something. Let's
change the things that we can. Listening to
what our children have to say, let's love. Let's
read to our children, let's read. What's! to
read? If you look at their little faces, you will
see, the need to read. Maybe a poem, a story
of love, the bible, or sing a song. It starts at
home. You can see. You can hear the crying
in the street, You can feel the hurt in your
heart before you hear the news. Oh, they are gone, and what a good child. We
will say. I saw them out of school one day. I
saw them in a place that they shouldn't have been.
I saw them with a cigarette. What did I
do? What did I say? I closed my eyes and went
on my way. What did I do? What did I say? I
could have given some love and understanding.
Stop this hate, stop this hate.
Let's give love instead.
Innocent I am just an innocent baby, just arrived on your planet
I was born in sin my flesh is weak
God knows it's
I was born with a gift of love,
My mother used to tell me that she loved me, and I
Was special gift from God,
I am going to take my love and fling it all over the universe
When my love touches you, you will know it.
The feeling that I will leave with you,
You won't have any doubt about it,
For you will be awaking up at dawn and think it is morning,
And wake up in the morning and think it is midnight
And wake at midnight and think it is dawn.
For you will know that I am here for my love is
Innocent, and real, and you will know it's, for I
Arrived here! And know it!

by Alice M. Thomas

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