Stop Time,

Time stops
It all stops
When we stop
Because life stops
Our future

The butterflies
fold their wings

The birds
stop chirping
morning songs
Nobody cares
to listen

The sun
her face away
doesn't want to see
what's in store

The clouds
Gloom overhead
Darkness spreading rapidly

The butterflies
open their wings
open their beauty,
art unseen,
now seen

The birds
sing a melody
'Why does
the caged bird sing? '
We know now.

The sun
positive light
to shed
good time is ahead

The clouds
over the horizon
Darkness gone
Misery leaving

Time stops
It all stops
When we stop
Because life stops
to show us
what time really is

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Comments (4)

Great poem, ... Starts with the night(negative) and morning came again(positive tins) .... Great idea! ....10 for me
Hey Char, this literary work of yours is wonderful, you got talent for writing did you know that? At first the poem tells the reader negative things around us and then in the folllowing lines the poem tells positive things happened. Happy days are here again! Where did you get such great idea? Well done...10+
yes...time; the symbol of life in motion...artful write...10
a fine fine write poignant poem indeed