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Stop Trying To Find The Logic In Everything
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Stop Trying To Find The Logic In Everything

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The trouble with people feeding their greed,
And perceiving their feeding to hoard
To be an eternal process,
For themselves to be kept stored.
With no one else to profit from a process,
Not stopped.
One day to be revealed as preventable.

Even their selfish deeds must come to an end.
Whether or not...
They believe what has been available,
Has been diminished without the consciousness
Of their active input,
To keep what is missing their responsibilty
To nourish the flourishing that is obviously,
Absent from their purpose.

And those who live just to feed their greed,
Do not realize they place themselves in jeopardy.
Although they are not aware of this
Behind walls of a blocked isolation.
Perceived from a direction of its inception
To be an envied way a life.
Needing at their own expense to protect.
Even if that expense is aided by depending
On the discreet and secret borrowing from others.

'I thought you said 'they' were our enemies?
Them and they and those others? '

Who cares?
What is more important?
Impressing with our pretentions
Or being honest with ourselves?

'None of it makes any sense.'

When did the feeding of one's greed,
Ever made any sense?
It is a standard that is valued.
We thrive on our pretentions!
Remember that.
Stop trying to find logic in everything.

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