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Stopping Time
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Stopping Time

Poem By JRose S

confession rises in our minds
as it fills up our thoughts
wondering what could have been
while knowing what is
your eyes pierce through me
your voice rings through my ears
i try to let go
forget and set free
release all i hold in

have you ever
not been able
to move ahead in your life?
have you ever
been stuck
when you wish so much not to be?

holding on
to what cannot be held on to
wanting to jump
off the cliffs into oblivion
fly through the clouds
release all that holds me down

where am I?
is this where hearts break?
Or where hearts simply stop?
All I know is
Time isn't going to stop
Even when I watch you walk away

(Thanks to my friend Joey for helping me write this one, couldnt have done it without him)

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