Stopping Time, A Whispered Goodbye

Time is ticking away
So fast, too fast
Time is running by even as I stand still
Time stops as I think of him
I'm a waiting his arrival
He should be here by now
My heart is hurt, As I cry, blood escapes from my eyes
My heart breaks in two
Then finally he shows
I cry more as I reveal a knife that I hid in my sleeve
He begins to cry
'Stop' is all he could manage
I take the knife and cut myself open
amd rip out one half of my heart
Blood spills from my mouth as I say 'I give you half my heart and I die for you.That's how much I love you....'
I begin to colapse but he catches me and as I bled out I whisper, 'Goodbye.'

by Suzaku Vaneko

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Oh my god.a great awesome poem.a lover of vampire is quite equipped to write such catching lines between beauty, love and is better to die than to be never loved at all.