Storied Bedtime

Poem By S. Robert Christensen

I know a Lilliputian girl
Tucked cozily away;
I climb the stair to muse with her
When dusk has closed the day.

She's seen me come a thousand times
Yet, always with a smile,
Exacts a fancied tale that I
May linger there a while.

We weave our dreams of elfin silk
But, when her lashes fall,
I know my Lilliputian girl's
The sweetest dream of all.

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The Rain

When all about is quiet, still
And raindrops whirl across the hill,
I like to stroll on sparkling paths -
Watch dusty leaves take noisy baths.

Where The Sea Winds Talk

I shall live where the sea winds talk,
In a house built from flying spray.
In this sunlit peace,
Movements never cease;