Alone in the stormy night
Heaven full of thick clouds
Over my head
Fighting her claustrophobia
On a dark hill side
With pines around me
Chocolate eyes fighting
I watch in wonder all day
Frozen swamps run across
My mind damped
Grief, agony, pain bewildered
Do I call you period of mourning
Period for crying
Sober minded
Sprawling at the street corner
Silence filled everywhere
Sorrow rented the air
Animals smothered on in their lairs
Alas Romeo and Juliet
Kissing, hugging their properties abound
Passing a sleepless night
Blinding their eyes with sorrow
Just like engulfing fire
Looks a grave yard
Looks like a ghost town
Where there is silence to infinity
Like almighty God had come down
To lay his hand of justice
On the judgement day
Separate grain from the chaff
Romeo and Juliet don't know each other
Helter Skelter about
Cold abound
Has come upon them
Scathering all trees
Grips down and begin to awaken
So how is the view.

by Chukwuemeka N. Ezejiofor


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