Poem By Janaki Nilmini

When we are still, our thoughts are calm
Do not make us insane, plead the rhythmic waves
I've seen your history, destruction is your fame
We are equals, respect each other, said the mighty earth
Do not humiliate me, Ophelia did so once
It's not fair, the fireball cries in shame
A battle among the elements is hazardous
Beware! Warns Aether, the celestial observer
Colourless, odorless and invisible as I am
And, labeled as a female, my identity is in crisis
Only when I am in action, you take notice of me
Yes, this is my fame and it is my game

Comments about Storm

Colourless, odorless and invisible storm still provokes thought. Nature has magical power. Storm comes and goes far. This does not last for long. We hope for positive morals to learn calmness and patience to overcome obstacles. An excellently drafted poem this is...10

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