Listen to the wind howl
like a wolf calling to the pack
watch the rain mosh in the puddles
like the freaks at the show
and the stream flows calmly
like the sleeping newborn babe
as current picks up speed
and the rain keeps falling
it becomes a violent river
fighting with the earth for control
it starts to over flow
uprooting the vulnerable flowers
while the great oaks stand firm
they drink in the scene
a new start for those being washed away
the earth is angry at god now
for stealing the innocent
lightning shoots to the heavens
cuts up the clouds and the blood pours
brightens the night sky
a glimpse at the vortex
coming to rip up all things in its path
it shows no mercy
nothing is safe from the power it holds
it is running out of steam now
dropping everything it held
the maelstrom disipates into nothing
the rolling rumble is no longer there
and the sun has peeked over the horizon
to see the damge done
the war is over with no winner
the scattered remains
the rain is a mist now
like a blanket
its sooths the earth
and the wind has become a whisper
encouraging the songs of the mourn
a brand new day.

by Kandace Schofield

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