TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)


Each raindrop
Is a bullet to the heart
Standing in the road
And letting the Storm tear me apart
Like lightning flashing down
To illuminate the sky
It only reminds me of our splendor
The wonders of you and I
And the thunder rumbling so loud
Makes my lonely lips begin to ache
It no longer sounds of Cupid clapping
Rather it is the sound of a heart as it breaks
The storm is tearing me up
I know not what to do
Each raindropp bullet to my heart
Is another reminder of you
Can't someone chase away the clouds
Won't someone banish the rain
Or just let me drown in this downpour
Lets the Storm wash me away

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I am amazed. I love it. So much. I think sometime I once wrote something or more so, thought of something that i never wrote down..uhm I think it was 'each chord from your guitar is like a new slash on my heart. cuz for me. guitar and music was a biiig part of my relationship i had. that. well ruined me. but at the same time was some of the happiest times of my life. well i should say i ruined myself after it ended. but the answer to your question is yes. i was refering to a blade. i too used to be what you were. i just still have a hard time pushing it away. once one. almost always one. but i sure hope thats not true. ahh dear. lovely work though. just lovely.: ]