BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Storm Clouds Are Gathering'

The storm clouds of life are growing more intense
Winds are harshly blowing
Signs of Jesus’ second coming is surely showing

The bitterness of life’s fiercest storms roll
Into our lives, trials and temptations
Are growing stronger
We wonder if we can hold on any longer

We look to the east the storms are building up
We look to the west the tides of trouble roll in
We run and hide and promise God “oh Father
Save me and I will surely not commit a
Certain sin again! ”

Life is growing shorter the food supply could go
The waters could be poisoned
Then what would we do
Would we try to save our material goods
Or just leave immediately taking just ourselves and
Go where God leads us to go

If your faith was tested your mouths
Parched from lack of drink
Would you immediately follow the voice of God
Or would you stay determined to sort it out alone
As you paused to think

Times will surely get worse just look around you
Hurricanes, terrorism, floods and famines
Oh friends it is time our souls we examine
If you don’t think you can be forgiven and change
It is a lie straight from Satan who seeks your soul to destroy
There is hope still while there is yet life in your bodies
Yes hope for every man, women, girl, and boy
©Copyright 2005 Becky LaPrarie

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