Storm Clouds

you've always said so much to me
without having to utter a word
for my heart beats in time with yours
and not a thought goes unheard

i can sense your moods before they come
i anticipate your needs so well
i breathe every breath along with you
and when you hurt - i hurt like hell

so don't try to shelter me from the rain
theres no way you can keep me dry
you know i always feel your pain
i drown in your tears when you cry

you're trying so hard to hide your confusion
but baby i see it just the same
as you stretch so cat-like across the bed
you don't even hear me call your name

your eyes are focused on the window ledge
where the first fatrain drops land
and i know we have more than one storm coming
so i quietly take hold of your hand.

by Cheryl Adair

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