Storm In A Teacup

Poem By Raj Arumugam

Ikkyu dropped
his Grand Master's teacup -
the cup broke into pieces
And Ikkyu's jaws dropped
Would the Grand Master now break
a thing or two of Ikkyu's body parts?

'O Master, ' says Ikkyu
when the Grand Master arrives
'I am contemplating Death;
please enlighten me on Death'

'All things pass, O Ikkyu, '
answers the Grand Master
'Death is inevitable
And only the foolish mourn
or are swayed by emotion -
the wise know
Death is in the nature of all things'

'Indeed, O Wise Master, ' replies Ikkyu
'It is no wonder then that your teacup
passed away today, as you can see here -
and you, O Grand Master,
have most wisely expounded on this grave matter'

The Grand Master loses his Grand look

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