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Storm Of You

Candled table, reflected light,
Shadowed room a flickered view
Peering out my lantern'd window
And outside... the storm of You

Draped in passion's fiery red gown
Heart kindled by ancient flame
I am waiting by east window
Chanting your beloved name.

'God of thunder by name of Thor
Protector from dark power
Please wield your boomerang hammer
Destroy evil this hour.'

You strike such a luminous chord
into vast of ocean blue
Viking Thor, Oh you incite me
to attend and cheer for You.

Hallowed Thor, Protector of gods
Old folklore recounts your feat
I am standing here in such awe
Viking presence so complete.

Flashing of powerful lightning
Echoing roar it does sound
Another giant has fallen
Righteous battle he has found.

Distant lighthouse beam does pale
to such striking pathways
Viking Thor, I watch your hammer
Savoring show it displays.

Flashes of bewitching lightning
thunderous shout, shattered sound
Absolute voice.. heavenly yours
Not knowing an earthly bound.

Softest touch of deep-throated voice
Would melt me to vapored steam
So I remain at this window
Content in my lucid dream.

Thor, You throw your hammer
Mjolnir does his due
Sky lights up in passion
It's the Storm of You.

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